A Vital Organisation's Properties

The value of a vital organisation culture should never be underestimated.
In fact, it is a key driver for innovation, creativity and, therefore, productivity and agility – that supports sustainability.    


In our opinion vitality should not be confused with a “feel good” or “touchy feely” kind of culture. On the contrary, to have a vital organisation culture means to have inherent capacity to constantly learn and adapt in order to generate the answers to the questions of the time. 

Based on more than two decades of experience in and with organisations and countless change management projects we have developed our model of The Vital Organisation. It is founded on systems theory, existential analysis, hypnotherapy and group dynamics. The main intent behind it is our firm belief that our organisations need a new paradigm in opposition to constantly evolving change initiatives.

Driving forces and freedom of design

As a base layer a vital organisation nourishes three driving forces at the same time: the sense of belonging that makes people feel accepted and invited to be a part of the system; the sense of autonomy that allows individuals and teams to experience their own impact; and the sense of creation that provides meaning from the individual to the team to the organisation level.

The essential force that creates the necessary momentum of a vital organisation is the quality of encounter and compassion. Like a catalyst in chemistry, encounter is the force that acts like a core engine between all the three driving forces.

Without encounter, vitality will not blossom. 

Besides the fundamental work on the culture of encounter (on an individual, team, and organisation level) we define four major dimensions that set the properties for a vital organisation. 

These are, as shown in the figure above: 

Space, Community, Direction, and Encounter. 

The ability and capacity to be in touch with two existential questions informs the Sense of Coherence (SoC), which Antonovsky described as a fundamental precondition for health and sustainability. 

“What are the questions of the time?” “What is our answer?”

“How does it relate to our values?” 

With TheVitalWorks. we support organisation development as well as innovation processes and put the abovementioned approach in the centre of our way of working.