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Digital Moves

We come from an analogue world. We work with our clients on personal mastery, mindset and attitude related to their personal leadership capabilities. From our point of view the  biggest learning assets we have are encounter, feedback, felt experience and structured exchange as well as group learning. We still struggle to believe that learning in digital spaces is more efficient and productive than learning together face-to-face.

Therefore, we decided to create our own journeys, with our analogue perspectives and understanding of effective learning processes. We understand ourselves as manufacturers who put all their passion and knowledge into the development of digital learning spaces.

And our carefully manufactured products speak to our clients, be it a felt experience to Co-create Vital Realities or a Vital Use of Conflicts.

Many of them are in need to enhance the ability to co-create and collaborate better in a dispersed international context. This requires learning and development processes to happen in global settings. And here our blended learning architectures turned out to be a huge advantage.

In comprehensive organisation development projects we integrate our MicroLearningJourneys and carefully embed them in learning architectures for which we apply a campaign oriented approach. 

If you want to learn more, get in touch with Ute Langthaler.