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In all we do, it is our fundamental purpose to partner with our clients in cultivating a vital organisation.

What's important

When we reflect on our many years of practical experience, and look at our organisation- and management development projects, we can see that it’s essentially all about the vitality of an organisation, about spiritedness and human energy in the company.

More about what we mean by ‘vitality’.

How can we shape vital organisations?

How should we help managers focus together on the future of their organisation?

How do we energetically tackle development and change with all participants?

A Word on Cultivating 
Vital Organisations

The digital era demands a vital approach to inconsistencies, information overload and constantly changing requirements. More than ever, we need social spaces that provide stability to make flexibility and innovation energy possible

It is about creating Vital Organisations together. Find out more

The Vital Organisation
Our TheVitalWorks. Model   

Based on more than two decades of experience in and with organisations and countless change management projects we have developed our model of The Vital Organisation. It is founded on systems theory, existential analysis, hypnotherapy and group dynamics. 

Core Services

Organisation Development from the TheVitalWorks perspective

A Word on Change

Disruptive Innovation is a good thing because it usually brings context-creating change to the organisation. 

Context-creating change is associated with thinking and building, and these are central routes to vitality. Striving for innovation and delivering value to the customer are therefore capacities of a genuinely vital organisation.  Read more

TheVitalWorks. Beat

Our process pattern guides us through unchartered territory when we are about to co-create exceptional experiences around vital cooperation with our clients.

Keep the way free -
Keep freedom's way

(Ausfahrt freihalten - Freiheit aushalten)


An ACG/TheVitalWorks. art project on living environments and personal roadmaps.

Questions of comportment are more than just idle banter. Comportment has great practical relevance for anyone wanting to differentiate between the major and minor themes of daily management business.

A whole variety of ideas inspire us, from integrative landscape planning, city planning, philosophy, psychology, commerce, politics, art and literature. They get us thinking, and give us more room for manoeuvre.

Because personal roadmaps really make a difference. 


Concept: ACG/ TheVitalWorks. 
Design and Animation: Anna Ehsani 
Text and Music: Bernhard Fleischmann

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It’s about how well organisations can adapt to the future and to change. This is what we concentrate on, and we put our experience, our thinking and our ideas down on paper – always staying in touch with both qualities of movement that Vital Adaptability needs: (cognitive ) pause, and moving forward.

ViA Punk, Vital Adaptability Vol 1

Does good music need to be good? First pieces about different approaches to change and organisational development by Dorothe Liebig, Erich Wlasak und Ute Langthaler.

Via Punk, Vital Adaptability Vol 2

Important pieces carefully joined by Dorothe Liebig, Erich Wlasak und Ute Langthaler.