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We discover hidden potentials on business and cultural levels at the interface of people, technology and organisation. In doing so we help our clients succeed in their most substantial and critical endeavours with work that cultivates vitality.

What matters to us

We believe in the importance of having an industrial core in Europe as the basis for socio-economic health and stability. With our Industrial Management Practice we would like to contribute to this idea with work that lets innovation and quality flourish. The key to sustainability and creativity for us is a Vital Culture and Organisation.

Why vital?

“Vital” comes from the Latin vitalis and stands for vitality and liveliness, strength, and performance. Vitality for us means to be capable of developing awareness for the contexts that surround us, to be able to adapt and create innovation. 

If vitality is missing we see silo thinking and isolation, breathlessness and burnout, devaluation as a toxic phenomenon, and overburdening of the leadership. Such instances and realities cost organisations and their members a great deal of energy and attention.

Learn more about why we believe a vital culture is the key to sustainability and creativity.

Our culture, history and clients

ACG is an internationally active consulting boutique that helps develop ever-adapting, vital organisations. And we love to discover hidden potential on both business and cultural levels at the interface of people, technology and organisation.

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Our complementary setup

We really enjoy having the full range of life here. This means we love to work in an environment in which the complexity of engineering, probabilistic calculations, mathematics and cost time and risk management is as important as the complexity of working on culture, leadership and the development of organisations as vital spaces. Our experience is that the mutual influence between these areas helps us create a unique culture and way of working.

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Our core services span four key disciplines:

Vital Organisation

With our THEVITALWORKS. approach we support organisations to enhance their vitality and agility. Find out what we typically do here.

Industrial Management Practice

We see ourselves as an end-to-end partner for complex problems and business development initiative in industry.

ACG Digital Moves

We understand ourselves as manufacturers who put all their passion and knowledge into the development of digital learning spaces.

Learning Programme

We want our clients to enjoy learning as much as we do. Find our more about our offerings ranging from one-day micro training interventions to global curricula that last two years. 


We define ourselves by the vital difference we can make for our clients. Our team is dedicated and inspired by a wealth of experience from some of the most complex and challenging business environments.

ACG Network

Meet our partners.


Organisationsberatung und zertifizierter CAPtain Consultant, Dornbirn / www.laterale.at

Transfer Consulting

Organisationsberatung, Berlin / www.transfer-consulting.de

Larissa Cerny

selbständige Grafikerin, Art Director, Ternitz / www.larissacerny.com 

Publications and Mappings

We discover Hidden Potential and capture related mapping. Click here to order your free copy. 

Playing field

ViA Punk is our platform where we challenge the status quo in organisation development.

ViA Punk is our initiative to challenge the status quo in organisation development.  We want to challenge the establishment and search for new ways in developing and leading organisations. ViA Punk is our platform for this. We allow ourselves and our partners to be extremely ambitious and wildly inconsistent. Because we strive for new ways and more vitality. 

 Find our road test here: www.viapunk.org